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Innovative, dynamic and faith-motivated, Quran Trace presents the world's leading authenticated traceable Quran in the Uthmani (Medina) script using the naskh calligraphy style. Featuring the entire Qur'an in a 15-line traceable format, this mushaf facilitates a unique combination of visual, auditory and kinesthetic/tactile learning styles.

Designed to deepen your relationship with Allah's Divine Word, its unique traceable feature strives to revive the rich Islamic tradition of penmanship, inspiring you to:

  • actively seek a deep and lasting connection with the word of Allah
  • realize your goal of reading, writing and memorizing the Quran
  • speed up your journey in Arabic language
  • cultivate positive, Qur'an-centered lifestyle habits, including mindfulness and reflection

Allowing you to approach the text with help, this mushaf also includes a guide to Quranic writing and etiquette inspired by the famous Islamic scholar Imam Al-Qurtubi. Through the unique index included in the Qur'an, you also gain contextual insight and learn the period of revelation and the length of each chapter.

This mushaf will let you encounter new ways of thinking, feeling and experiencing the word of God. This is the first product in a series of exciting and luxurious trackable Quranic educational tools, designed, developed and certified by renowned Quranic teachers and professors of Quranic sciences.

The cover design combines the classic thuluth script variety of Islamic calligraphy with a high-quality, modern production that perfectly reflects our unique blend of Eastern and Western excellence. Printed with premium Turkish gold foil from Istanbul, the book is available in four timeless colors – . Black, White, Green and Pink

In line with the inspiration behind Quran Trace, the back reads: Read! Your Lord is the Chief Giver, who has taught [man] the [use] of the pen, taught man what he did not know! [Quran 96:3-5]

Powerfully practical, this traceable Quran is perfect for personal use or as a thoughtful gift for anyone who wants to develop and strengthen their love for the Book of Allah. Also works perfectly for people who hold courses in the Koran. Suitable for all ages and abilities.

Number of pages: 620

Juz: 30 (60 Hizb) Complete Quran

Pen: Fineliner pen included

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