Collection: Stickys (Wall Stickers)

We at Hikmastore are proud to be the first retailers in Sweden (Scandinavia) for Stickyme! Discover the latest products from this amazing company with us.

A Sticky Wall Sticker is a captivating addition to any room! Forget nails or screws; our Sticky Wall Stickers are designed to stick smoothly to your walls without leaving any sticky residue. They can be easily removed and repositioned thanks to their static fields. Our Sticky products can be applied to doors, walls, glass and wooden surfaces. You can even write on these stickers with a whiteboard pen and wipe them clean with a dry cloth, making them a reusable and versatile decorative option.

To maintain their cleanliness, use only dry cloths to remove dust. Avoid using wet wipes on the stickers as this can ruin the stickers.