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IQRA LEVEL 6: We read and learn about Islam.

IQRA LEVEL 6: We read and learn about Islam.

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The layout of the book. There are five theme areas:

  • 1 Islamic creed, 'aqidah
  • The Noble Qur'an and its disciplines.
  • Prophet's biography, sirah and Islamic history.
  • Rules for the practice of religion and actions between people (fiqh),
  • Ethics and conduct. The topic areas are presented in a spiral-like order that gives students the opportunity to revisit each course and go deeper into it. For each level there is a textbook that contains the theoretical part of the lesson, exercises and activities.

Welcome to the IQRA book series - Explore Islamic Knowledge at Home!

At a time when opportunities for Islamic education are growing in importance, we present IQRA, a comprehensive book series designed to strengthen children's connection to their Muslim identity and provide parents with resources for homeschooling.

What is IQRA? IQRA, which means "read" in Arabic, is an educational book series that spans six levels and covers everything from the basic Islamic faith to the Prophet's biography, rules for religious practice, and ethics. Each level is carefully designed to give children a diverse understanding of their faith in a fun and engaging environment.

Why is IQRA important to your child? With increased demand for alternative teaching methods, homeschooling is becoming increasingly popular. IQRA gives parents the tools to make this a meaningful journey, where children can explore and understand their Islamic faith at home.

What does each level offer? Each level of the IQRA covers five thematic areas: doctrine, the Qur'an and its disciplines, the biography of the Prophet, rules for religious practice, and ethics. Students are given the opportunity to revisit each theme through repetitive sections and can immerse themselves in the topics over time. Each level includes textbook, activity book and teacher's guide.

How can you get started with IQRA? Starting your journey with IQRA is easy. Choose the right level for your child and explore each lesson together. Use the teacher's guide as your guide and involve your child in the practice materials in the activity book for an interactive and fun learning experience.

Together on the journey towards knowledge IQRA is not just a series of books, it is a journey towards knowledge and understanding. By integrating Islamic homework into your daily routine, you can create a meaningful learning experience for your child, where they can explore and embrace their Islamic identity at home.

Welcome to IQRA - where every page opens the door to the precious treasure trove of Islam for your child to discover and embrace!

Level 6:

At level 6, students work further with the five prescribed prayers and learn to pray together at the right time. The call to prayer (adhan) and the call to prayer (iqamah) are reviewed. By memorizing Sura 81 - The Coiling Up (at-Takwir), Sura 80 - He Frowned ('Abasa), Sura 79 - Those Who Wear Out (an-Nazi'at) and Sura 78 - The News (an-Naba) (with brief explanations of each surah) students increase their knowledge of the Qur'an, and continue to learn correct memorization and recitation. We go through what a mosque is and how to take care of mosques and their contents. The level ends with a review of how to treat neighbors in a good way and how to behave. The student learns to distinguish between good and bad behavior. At the very end, we find out what public property is and how we take care of it.

  • Author: Scandinavian Foundation for Education
  • Format: Cartonage
  • ISBN: 9789185557370
  • Language: Swedish
  • Number of pages: 199
  • Release date: 2019-05-01
  • Publisher: Nordic Publishers AB
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