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Hikmasticky Wudu Kids

Hikmasticky Wudu Kids

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Our new waterproof wall sticker for the bathroom is finally here! This transparent sticker shows steps 1 to 10 of Wudu and teaches children in a fun and educational way how to wash before prayer. The sticker is easy to attach to tiles and shower walls/shower cabins. If you want to move the sticker, that is also absolutely possible.

The sticker contains simply illustrated characters without facial features to help children perform the washing correctly. Our sticker is made to last and adheres well enough to stay in place for years.

Wudu is an important part of our religion, and it is crucial to teach children how to clean themselves properly before prayer. By placing the sticker in the bathroom, Wudu becomes a daily habit and a fun way to teach children the proper way to clean themselves.

Enjoy an educational and fun way to learn the steps of Wudu. With this sticker, learning Wudu becomes an enjoyable experience for children and will help them clean themselves before prayer.

This sticker is not static and attaches using an adhesive layer. Adhesive residues are easy to clean with soapy water. We DO NOT RECOMMEND attaching this wall sticker to painted walls.

Size: 40x30cm

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