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Hikmasticky dua when going in and out of the home.

Hikmasticky dua when going in and out of the home.

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When entering the home:

"In the name of Allah we enter and in the name of Allah we leave [home] and in Allah our Lord we have put our trust."

Then say as-Salâmu 'alaykum to those present.

When leaving home:

" In the Name of Allah. I have put all my trust in Allah. There is no movement and no strength except with the help and will of Allah."

A Hikmasticky is a captivating addition to any room! Forget nails or screws; our Hikmastickers are designed to stick smoothly to your walls without leaving any sticky residue. They can be easily removed and repositioned thanks to their static fields. Our Hikmastickers can be applied to doors, walls, glass and wooden surfaces. Cleanliness, simply use a dry cloth to remove dust. Avoid using wet wipes on the stickers.

Size: 10x20cm

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