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Allahs 99 Names & Attributes with English Translation

Allahs 99 Names & Attributes with English Translation

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Discover Hikmastore's New Flashcard Game: Easily Memorize Allah's 99 Names and Attributes

We at Hikmastore are proud to present our latest innovative tool – a flashcard game designed to help you easily and effectively memorize Allah's 99 names and attributes.

Our flashcard set is carefully crafted to enhance your learning experience. Each card includes:

The name of Allah written in Arabic – so you can see and recognize the holy names in their original form.

English translation – to help you understand the profound meaning of each name in your own language.

Transliteration – making it easier for you to correctly pronounce the names even if you're not familiar with Arabic.

The Importance of Memorizing Allah's Names

The Prophet - peace be upon him - has said: "Allah has ninety-nine names - one hundred minus one. Whoever memorizes them and understands them will enter Paradise."

[Sahih Bukhari/Muslim]

Knowing and understanding Allah's 99 names and attributes is a vital part of our faith and worship. Each name represents a unique characteristic and quality of Allah, and memorizing them deepens our knowledge of and love for our Creator. It is also known that memorizing these names can bring great blessings and closeness to Allah.

The Benefits of Our Flashcard Game

Easy to use: Our flashcard set is designed to be simple and intuitive to use, making it suitable for all ages.

Effective learning: By using a visual and interactive method, our flashcards help you memorize and recall Allah's names faster.

Portable: Take the cards with you wherever you go and study anytime, anywhere.
Interactive and engaging: Make learning fun and engaging by challenging yourself or others in your family or circle of friends.

Don't wait any longer – start your journey to memorize Allah's 99 names today with Hikmastore's flashcard game. Experience the joy and fulfillment of strengthening your faith by getting to know your Creator on a deeper level.

Order now and take your first step towards discovering the mighty and beautiful names and attributes of Allah.

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