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Hikmasticky Wudu Kids (English Version)

Hikmasticky Wudu Kids (English Version)

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Introducing Our Repositionable Wudu Sticker!

Teaching kids the importance of performing wudu (Islamic ablution) is made easy with our Hikmasticky Wudu. This innovative product provides a step-by-step guide to performing wudu, helping children understand and memorize each stage of the process.

Comprehensive Instruction: Our Hikmasticky Wudu includes a total of 10 steps, each clearly described with accompanying text and illustrated pictures. From washing the hands to performing the final dua (supplication), every aspect of wudu is covered in detail.

Interactive Learning: Engage children in the learning process with our interactive sticker, which encourages hands-on participation. As they follow along with the steps, kids will gain a deeper understanding of the significance of wudu in Islam.

Durable and Waterproof: Crafted for lasting use, our Hikmasticky Wudu is waterproof and durable. Whether at home, in schools, or at Islamic centers, this sticker withstands everyday use.

Promote Islamic education and instill valuable religious practices in children with our Hikmasticky Wudu, the perfect tool for teaching wudu in a fun and interactive way.

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