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8 gates of jannah

8 gates of jannah

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Jannah is the calling of every Muslim: eternal bliss in the company of the prophets, truthful, martyrs, and righteous.

As part of Allah's immense mercy, He has made the paths to Jannah easy and plentiful. It has eight gates, as the Prophet ﷺ informed us. Each gate has a unique virtue that, if we adhere to and live by, we will be allowed to enter from it.

The 8 Gates of Jannah is a scholarly collation of qur'anic passages and prophetic traditions speaking about these paradisal gateways and how we can be among those admitted through them.

May we be among those people about whom Allah said: "Gardens of lasting bliss with gates wide open for them." 


Weight: 240g

Binding: Soft Cover

Size cm: 22 x 14

Publisher: Quillspire

Author: Shaykh Dr. Ali Ahmed

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